[<div class="title-direction"> <div class="icon">&nbsp;</div> &ldquo;MIHAI KOGĂLNICEANU&rdquo; AIRPORT CONSTANTA</div> <div class="description-direction"> <div class="content-overflowed"> <p><strong>By car:</strong><br />Being situated 25 km away, you need to allocate 30 min driving time. The shortest drive will be: AIRPORT &ndash; OVIDIU &ndash; CONSTANTA- MAMAIA.</p> </div> </div>, <div class="title-direction"> <div class="icon">&nbsp;</div> CONSTANTA TRAIN STATION</div> <div class="description-direction"> <div class="content-overflowed"><strong>By car:</strong><br />Constanta Train Station is situated at 9.5 km away from our location. The access can be made with the bus and the needed time for this journey will be almost 20 minutes. <p><strong>By bus:</strong><br />Line GMS 23</p> </div> </div>, <div class="title-direction"> <div class="icon">&nbsp;</div> &ldquo;HENRI COANDĂ&rdquo; AIRPORT, BUCHAREST</div> <div class="description-direction"> <div class="content-overflowed"> <p><strong>By car:</strong><br />The distance between Constanta and the capital of the country is 250 km. The needed time for this journey will be aproximately 3 hours.</p> </div> </div>, <div class="title-direction"> <div class="icon">&nbsp;</div> TOWN CENTER OF CONSTANTA</div> <div class="description-direction"> <div class="content-overflowed"> <p><strong>By car:</strong><br />The route to visit the town center of Constanta will be simplified by taking the bus number 23 (Line GMS 23) or Line 100M in summer season</p> <p><strong>By taxi:</strong><br />In order to facilitate the transport, you can choose for the well-known taxi line from the city by calling the following number: City Taxi Constanta: 0241 933</p> </div> </div>]

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